Shelly’s Perspective: Hope & Justice

Shelly’s Brings A Fresh Perspective To Muscatine County Board

Shelly shines at League of Women Voters Forum

Starting with the Candidate’s Forum in the morning, and culminating with a speech at the candlelight vigil for Vanessa Guillen, Saturday August 1 was a big day for Shelly’s campaign.

The League of Women Voters of Muscatine County hosted a Candidates Forum where Shelly squared off with her opponent, incumbent Republican Nathan Mather. Shelly was poised and articulate pointing out their differences and how she will bring a fresh perspective to the Muscatine County Board of Supervisors.

Watch the complete forum video, click here: 
League of Women Voters Muscatine County District 4 Candidates Forum




‘There Is Hope’ Shelly Servadio Elias

Shelly delivers a message of hope and justice to LULAC vigil for Vanessa Guillen

Shelly wrapped up the day with a powerful speech delivered at a Vanessa Guillen vigil hosted by LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) of Muscatine. Vanessa Guillen was a U.S. Army soldier who was sexually assaulted and murdered at Ft. Hood, Texas. Shelly called for justice for Vanessa, reform in the military, and she shared her story which has caused a lifetime of struggle with PTSD resulting from Military Sexual Trauma.

Watch her full speech here on Youtube, click this link:
Yo Soy Vanessa!

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