Key Issues that matter to Muscatine County.

My name is Michelle Servadio Elias.

I am running for Board of Supervisors for Muscatine County because I believe those who have the least amount of rights and who are underserved among us need a voice.

I am a disabled Veteran and a Retired Nurse. My goal is to cultivate the health, wealth and prosperity of all of our citizens.

Port Authority

A Global Port Authority will encourage opportunities for growth and prosperity.

I would like to work with our local stakeholders on developing a port authority for Muscatine County. We have the perfect line up of River, Rail, Airport, and Interstate along with Industry and workforce. With community engagement, Federal study approval we should be able to do this for our communities and cultivate the wealth and prosperity of our County.  


In Muscatine County we have very few mental health resources available.

We regularly send our mental health, and suicidal admissions out to other counties all over the state.  The fundamental problem is we have too few resources to provide the Mental Health care we need for our County residents. I would like us to be solution oriented and partner with agencies and resources like NAMI, or expand agency funding for local housing for our high-risk mental health patients. This would drive down the costs of expensive long- term hospitalizations in far-away counties, where patients are getting stuck, unable to transfer to a lower level of care, driving up costs.  Let us look for solutions that keep our loved ones close to their support systems and not scattered all over the state


Women in Muscatine County are in severe need of adequate reproductive health care.
I would seek to assist the Board of Health and any other community agencies to find care providers and to ensure access to excellence in care for all women who need care.


I wrote the Veterans in Crisis Care Act in 2017 out of my determination to save Veterans lives.

This gives any veteran who is suicidal, or in mental health crisis a 24 hour observation hold until medically stable and can be transferred to a VA bed for care.

According to the VA stats, of those who have PTSD, those who commit suicide, 70.7% die by firearm, with Iowa averaging 75 suicides a year, 35% above the national average.