Who am I and why am I running.

I am running to serve as the District 4 Muscatine County Supervisor because things in Muscatine County need to be addressed through a different perspective not found on the current Board.

I’m a woman, a veteran, and a retired Registered Nurse.

My goal is to help cultivate the health, wealth, and prosperity of all Muscatine County Citizens.

Researcher and author, Brene’ Brown says we should do life with strong backs, soft fronts, and wild hearts. I am wildly passionate and dedicated to caring for and serving others.  I have done this my entire life … as a nurse and a mother … with softness, compassion, and empathy. But know this, I have a spine of steel … I am tenacious and a warrior when it comes to fighting for what’s right and for the needs of those underserved among us.

In Muscatine County, issues affecting public health & women’s health; county roads, land & water; veterans & mental health; and economic sustainability cry out for a point of view like what my record shows I will bring to the Board.

Many have questioned my experience and qualifications to be your County Supervisor.

  • I have been an ICU Charge Nurse and the Director of Nursing for an Assisted Living Care Facility.
  • I have raised five children.
  • I served in the United States Army as a Military Intelligence Morse Code Interceptor during the first Gulf War.
  • I am the founder of the Iowa Hemp Industries Association where I led the charge to get the Iowa Hemp Act signed into law which gives Iowa farmers the opportunity to expand into industrial hemp production and gives Iowa manufacturers new sustainable product and market opportunities.
  • I am the State Chair of the Veterans Caucus of the Iowa Democratic Party which, along with veterans from across the state, allows me even greater opportunity to advocate at the Statehouse for employment, health, and welfare needs of Iowa veterans.  When we support veterans, we support all Iowans including citizens of Muscatine County.

My goal is to improve the general health and welfare of everyone in Muscatine County. That means strong public and mental health, good infrastructure, making the County an equitable place for everyone to live, with clean land and water, and ensuring women have access to healthcare.

Please, with your vote you can help me bring this fresh perspective to the Muscatine County Board of Supervisors.

Vote safely by requesting your mail-in absentee ballot and remember to get it in the mail early. The deadline is October 24 and Election Day is November 3.  

Thank You.

Shelly’s Perspective: Hope & Justice

Shelly’s Brings A Fresh Perspective To Muscatine County Board

Shelly shines at League of Women Voters Forum

Starting with the Candidate’s Forum in the morning, and culminating with a speech at the candlelight vigil for Vanessa Guillen, Saturday August 1 was a big day for Shelly’s campaign.

The League of Women Voters of Muscatine County hosted a Candidates Forum where Shelly squared off with her opponent, incumbent Republican Nathan Mather. Shelly was poised and articulate pointing out their differences and how she will bring a fresh perspective to the Muscatine County Board of Supervisors.

Watch the complete forum video, click here: 
League of Women Voters Muscatine County District 4 Candidates Forum




‘There Is Hope’ Shelly Servadio Elias

Shelly delivers a message of hope and justice to LULAC vigil for Vanessa Guillen

Shelly wrapped up the day with a powerful speech delivered at a Vanessa Guillen vigil hosted by LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) of Muscatine. Vanessa Guillen was a U.S. Army soldier who was sexually assaulted and murdered at Ft. Hood, Texas. Shelly called for justice for Vanessa, reform in the military, and she shared her story which has caused a lifetime of struggle with PTSD resulting from Military Sexual Trauma.

Watch her full speech here on Youtube, click this link:
Yo Soy Vanessa!

Iron Workers Support Shelly

Shelly is honored and greatful for the endorsement and support from the International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers Local 111. Jeff Hartman of Muscatine and a retired member of the Iron Workers Local 111 presents Shelly a check of support from the union.

Shown over Shelly’s right shoulder is one of her fine art photographs taken at the atrium at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. Jeff proudly said he and his union brothers worked on that building.


In a news release issued this weekend (July 18) by an Independent write-in candidate for the Muscatine County Board of Supervisors, false and misleading statements were published about Michelle “Shelly” Servadio Elias. Servadio Elias is the Democratic Primary Election winner and candidate for District 4 of the Muscatine County Board of Supervisors.

Shelly in the community working hard with voters.

“Honestly, it feels like this write-in candidate and her supporters are just playing games with the voters.  If she truly wanted to run for this office, she would have met the filing deadline to be on the primary ballot. I entered this race after much consideration and input from a great many Muscatine County Voters. I won the Democratic Primary Election with 57% of the vote,” said Servadio Elias.

“Because the write-in candidate’s announcement specifically questioned my record and integrity, I believe the voters need to have me set the record straight,” stated Servadio Elias.

For The Record – POLICE

For the record, Candidate Servadio Elias advocates for greater resources for the Sheriff’s Department in the way of body cameras for officers and de-escalation training where officers learn communication techniques to defuse potentially dangerous situations. Never has she stated or supported those who have said to ‘defund the police’. 

In fact, the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Department has a sound policy in place for defining excessive force. To support that policy, Servadio Elias asked the Muscatine County Board of Supervisors to request the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Office add a policy to stop and report excessive force. (June 8, 2020 Board Minutes  https://www.co.muscatine.ia.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Minutes/_06082020-1146)

For The Record – CANNABIS

Servadio Elias supports the decriminalization of cannabis so that law enforcement can focus efforts on more harmful drug crimes like methamphetamine, cocaine, fentanyl and gun crimes.

Iowa has two recently created laws on the books for which Shelly Servadio Elias was a principle driver to get these laws passed.

  • Iowa’s Medical Cannabidiol Act was implemented in 2019, with expanded medical conditions enacted in July 2020. This law allows for Iowa patients (and their caregivers) with qualifying medical conditions to obtain a Medical Cannabidiol registration card and acquire, possess and use cannabis products for medical treatment.
Shelly with Governor Kim Reynolds and members of the Iowa Legislature during the bill signing turning the Iowa Hemp Act into law.
  • The Iowa Hemp Act was signed into law by Governor Kim Reynolds on May 13, 2019. Now, farmers can apply for a license to grow hemp in Iowa. Growers can now pursue viable, profitable markets for industrial hemp production creating economic growth opportunities for the entire state. Shelly was with the Governor as she signed the law.
  • Shelly is the founder of the Iowa Hemp Industries Association and was an original co-founder of the Iowa Hemp Association. Through her associations, she has been a determined advocate for both medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp opportunities for all Iowans.
  • In 2015, Shelly became Iowa’s first and only Certified Cannabis Nurse having completed extensive training and education on the Endocannabinoid System and the health science attributed to it.
  • Shelly is an Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Patient.  She is a disable veteran with PTSD MST, has chronic pain from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, POTS and fibromyalgia.


For the June 2 Primary Election, Servadio Elias rallied what her opponent called ‘wild-card’ voters … those who typically don’t vote in primary elections. Shelly’s ‘Wild-Card Voters’ represent women, men, young people, people of color, and veterans.

  • Shelly won the Democratic Primary Election for Muscatine County Supervisor District 4 with 57% of all votes cast.
  • She won 21 out of 23 precincts in the entire County,
  • There was only a 16-vote margin in those two precincts she didn’t carry.

Additionally, Servadio Elias is the State Chair for the Iowa Democratic Veterans Caucus (IDVC), the first woman ever to hold the office.  She holds a voting seat on the State Central Committee which is the governing body for the Iowa Democratic Party.



Michelle Servadio Elias was elected Chairwoman of the Iowa Democratic Veterans’ Caucus (IDVC) on Saturday, July 11. She is the first woman to serve as State Chair of the IDVC. She first served in that role in 2016 and was elected again to serve on the Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee from 2020-2022.

Shelly has been a tireless advocate for veterans’ issues in Iowa.

  • In 2017 she wrote a bill and worked with Iowa House Rep. Brian Meyer, D-Des Moines to introduce the Veterans in Crisis Care Act. The essence and language of the bill caught the attention of the Iowa Hospital Association which in turn adopted it into administrative practice.
  • When the Iowa Veterans Home announced in 2017 it was closing its Heinze Hall residence hall, Shelly rallied veterans and Iowa legislators to ensure Iowa’s veterans and their spouses received the continuum of care they deserve.
  • In 2020, she worked to have PTSD added as a covered condition to the Iowa Medical Cannabis Act.

As Chairwoman of the IDVC Shelly will continue to fight for Veteran’s rights and needs at the Capitol.  Being elected to this state-wide position demonstrates the strength of Shelly’s candidacy for Muscatine County Supervisor.


Muscatine County Supervisor Candidate Michelle Servadio Elias ‘Shelly’ was on the Moving Forward Radio Show with Amy in the AM on KWPC AM-860 – The Voice of Muscatine on Monday, July 13.  Shelly spoke with Amy about the progress of her campaign and the issues facing Muscatine County.  Women’s reproductive healthcare, public health funding needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, veterans needs and economic development issues were topics discussed.  Find a link to the entire interview on shellyforsupervisor.com/media


The Shelly for Supervisor campaign has received endorsements of support from:

  • Quad City Federation of Labor
  • League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Muscatine Chapter

Shelly for Supervisor

My name is Michelle Servadio Elias.

I am running for Board of Supervisors for Muscatine County because I believe those who have the least amount of rights and who are underserved among us need a voice.

I am a disabled Veteran and a Retired Nurse. My goal is to cultivate the health, wealth and prosperity of all of our citizens.

I believe in transparency in government and accessibility between elected officials and constituents. Because we are equals, you all will be treated as such. You will be listened to and valued.

Women’s Health

Women in Muscatine County are in severe need of adequate reproductive health care.

I would seek to assist the Board of Health and any other community agencies to find care providers and to ensure access to excellence in care for all women who need care.

Fighting For Medical Cannabis & Industrial Hemp Opportunities

Iowa should decriminalize cannabis for medical cannabis card holders. Decriminalization should be set for personal possession of 1 ounce of Dispensary, regulated, barcoded and dosed, medical cannabis. Because these patients have no intent to distribute, they are exempt from prosecution if they possess product from out of state dispensaries.
(per 124e14 out of state medical cannabidiol dispensaries, 124e18, reciprocity.)

As the Founder of the Iowa Hemp Industries Association I have helped write legislation, testify at sub committees, give presentations to the Cannabidiol board and the Board of Medicine regarding Cannabis as Medicine. I have extensive experience working on the Cannabis and Industrial Hemp issues.  Our journey in Iowa began back in 2015 with our first Cannabidiol law for the children with Epilepsy. I am proud to have been instrumental in advocating for that law.

Care For Veterans & Mental Health

I wrote the Veterans in Crisis Care Act in 2017 out of my determination to save Veterans lives.

This gives any veteran who is suicidal, or in mental health crisis a 24 hour observation hold until medically stable and can be transferred to a VA bed for care.

According to the VA stats, of those who have PTSD, those who commit suicide, 70.7% die by firearm, with Iowa averaging 75 suicides a year, 35% above the national average.

In Muscatine County we have very few mental health resources available.

We regularly send our mental health, and suicidal admissions out to other counties all over the state.  The fundamental problem is we have too few resources to provide the Mental Health care we need for our County residents. I would like us to be solution oriented and partner with agencies and resources like NAMI, or expand agency funding for local housing for our high-risk mental health patients. This would drive down the costs of expensive long- term hospitalizations in far-away counties, where patients are getting stuck, unable to transfer to a lower level of care, driving up costs.  Let us look for solutions that keep our loved ones close to their support systems and not scattered all over the state.

Economic Development
+ Environmental Sustainability

A Global Port Authority will encourage opportunities for growth and prosperity.

I would like to work with our local stakeholders on developing a port authority for Muscatine County. We have the perfect line up of River, Rail, Airport, and Interstate along with Industry and workforce. With community engagement, Federal study approval we should be able to do this for our communities and cultivate the wealth and prosperity of our County.  

We need to take care of our environment and work on green initiatives for Muscatine County.

I would welcome listening posts and community activism and suggestions, what can we do as a whole to make a difference?  How about charging stations for electric cars off of our main highways coming in to our towns? We can help decrease emissions and increase visitors to our towns this way. I have participated in climate change activities throughout Iowa and I truly believe in leaving this world a better place for my children and grandchild.  

Let us get together and clean up our roads, our waterways and our emissions and ensure we are taking care of our environment.

Thank you. I am grateful for your consideration and I respect your vote for me.