Veteran & retired Registered Nurse

I am running to serve as the District 4 Muscatine County Supervisor because things in Muscatine County need to be addressed through a different perspective not found on the current Board.

I’m a woman, a veteran, and a retired Registered Nurse. My goal is to help cultivate the health, wealth, and prosperity of all Muscatine County Citizens.

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At the LULAC candlelight vigil for Vanessa Guillen.

Shelly’s message of hope and justice supporting women, veterans and those most vulnerable.

Watch her complete speech on Youtube, click here.

I want to represent those whose voices aren't heard.

Working for Muscatine County Citizens …

I would love to keep you informed about what we’re doing with our campaign and more importantly, what’s happening in the county that affects you.

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Key Issues that matter to Muscatine County.

> Mental Health
> Veterans
> Women’s Healthcare
> Economic Sustainability
> Industrial Hemp
& Medical Cannabis
> Global Port Authority
> Natural Resources
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My goal is to help cultivate the health, wealth and prosperity of all Muscatine County Citizens.

In hopes of weakening the bargaining power of working families, Iowa Republicans voted to require certain Iowa public employees to retain and recertify their union either every year or every two years depending on the bargaining contract.

If you don't vote, that counts as a "no" vote. Below are links on how to vote. The deadline is 9 AM on Tuesday, October 27.

Vote by phone. Call: 877-639-7161 toll-free

Vote via web. Web address:

If you experience any problems with the voting system or need special assistance in voting, please call the Help Desk. Help Desk Number: 800-503-8671.

If you have questions about the election process, e-mail PERB at or call PERB at 515-281-4414.

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Shelly supports Citizens at a Black Lives Matter rally in Muscatine. 

At the June 8 Muscatine County Board of Supervisors meeting, Shelly asked the Board to support the Muscatine County Sheriff’s Department current policy on excessive force by adding a Stop & Report Excessive Force policy.

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I'll work with you, and for you.